Installing Certificates

If you have a certificate that you need to install on multiple PCs, such as an SSL cert from your UTM for HTTPS scanning, or the Cisco Umbrella cert, you can use this tool to quickly and easily deploy your certs. It's a self-extracting 7z file that will extract to a temporary directory, install all certificates in the "put_certs_here" folder, and then clean up after itself.

It will install certificates that can be used by IE, Chrome and Firefox, plus any tool/browser that uses the Windows certificate store. This tool supports Windows 7 and up, x86 or x64. It would probably work on Vista, let me know if you try.

  • \put_certs_here\ - here's where your certificate files go. Make sure they have the .cer extension on them.
  • certmgr.exe - a Microsoft tool for installing certificates
  • add_cert.cmd - a script that will
    • Loop through all .cer files and use certmgr.exe to install them into Windows' certificate store
    • Configure Firefox to use Windows' certificate store, since it's a real diva about it
  1. You have to have 7zip installed on your PC to edit the sfx exe
  2. If you want Firefox to also be able to use this cert, then you must
    1. Install Firefox before running this exe file
    2. Make sure that Firefox is at least version 52
  1. Get your .cer (PEM formatted) certificate files for whatever vendor you're trying to install ready
  2. Download the generic certificate installer from here:!OE91DBgB!pqTaXfDrP2htcKR_g8Ce7lFN4lhAYvmOxEfF_BfILOA
  3. Open the cert_installer.exe in 7zip, then open the "put_certs_here" folder. By default, it has the Cisco Umbrella cert, you can delete it if you want.
  4. Drag and drop your .cer files into that folder in 7zip
  5. That's it, man. You're done.
  1. Upload the resulting exe file to somewhere you can download from: i.e. Dropbox, your RMM storage, your webhost
  2. Use your RMM to download the exe file to the client computer
  3. Run the exe file
  4. Delete the exe file
  5. That's it, no more..
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