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here is bat file for cb install. this is old though so probably needs some editing. it was before they merged file / folder and image into one install. They have added more cli option since as well.

pushd "\server\share"
mb-file.exe /S
copy CBCustom\settings.list c:\program data<subdirectory> /Y
cd "C:\program files (x86)<subdirectory>\Managed Backup"
cbb.exe addAccount -e <account username> -p <password>
cbb.exe deleteBackupPlan -n "My Documents Backup - predefined plan (includes My Pictures)"
cbb.exe deleteBackupPlan -n "My Internet BookMarks backup - predefined plan"
cbb.exe deleteBackupPlan -n "My Pictures Backup - predefined plan"
net stop "Managed Backup Service"
net start "Managed Backup Service"

the settings.list is just a exported backup job with preconfig'd settings, schedule, etc.

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