Datto Siris

Datto's top of line BDR appliance. This device will allow the partner to backup, restore, virtualize, offsite, and host file sync services.

They have recently added the Siris 3X series. The 3X1 is 1TB of SSD storage while the 3X2 is 2TB of SSD storage. Both are the size of the smaller Alto but can virtualize locally.

  1. Image based
    1. Agent and Agentless based backup solutions
    2. Backs up Windows / Linux OS
    3. "Inverse Chain" backup
  2. File based
    1. Creates a share that snapshots files and offsites
  3. Hypervisor based (VMware only)
    1. "Agent-less" based backup
    2. Machine OS agnostic
  1. Export disk image
  2. Export to Hypervisor (VMware only)
  3. Virtualize
    1. Older versions used Virtualbox
    2. Newer editions use KVM
  4. Volume mount
    1. Creates a share that allows you to view file / folder structure of the agent at specific points in time
    2. Does not preserve permissions (You May need to virtualize to and move data from VM if you need permission perservation)
  1. KVM or Virtualbox based
  2. RDP or VNC access
  3. Local / Onsite virtualization or Remote / Cloud spin up
  1. Builds offsite file on appliance
  2. Sends deltas of the data
  3. Schedule based
  4. Can be throttled
  1. Owncloud based file sync
  2. Allows for remote access to sync while offsite
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