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We nurture strong relationships with the best in the backup business (our Vendor & Technology alliances) and integrate their products into the Probax Platform.

How we work

Simply deploy the most suitable backup solution to your clients: ShadowProtect®, Veeam®, a NAS device or our File Backup tool: FilePlus. All of these technologies will communicate with and replicate to Probax Control for intelligent monitoring, reporting, alerting and recovery options – all on a single pane of glass!

Our vision for the cloud

A single member of staff can arrive at their desk on any given morning, log in to Probax Control and cast an eye down their users’ backups. No matter how many users or their chosen backup technology; the size or type of their computing environment; it’s easily assessed by the Probax traffic light system. Get incredibly detailed information, all on one screen, at the click of a mouse.

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