Probax Control gives you more power to choose the way you backup your data, alongside intuitive guidance for what important fixes are required. Take advantage of advanced, holistic checking and reporting on Veeam, ShadowProtect and File backups. It’s all in one dashboard for complete Control.

Probax Control gives you a broad view across all your clients and all of their backups, with the ability to drill down to a micro level.

Technically Awesome

Multiple types of backups in different locations? Keep on top of your backups without the messy manual fixes, using intelligent software developed specifically for ShadowProtect®. Automatically fix broken chains and bad files, whilst monitoring both local and offsite copies.

Administration? Easy.

Your accountant is going to love you. Using Control allows Managed Service Providers to support different user types with access limits and simplified exportable billing reports. If only your personal accounting was this easy.

Marketing Matters

Using Probax Control puts you in the company of some of the most respected IT organizations on the planet. While teams working in backend systems rarely get the glory, Probax has become a well-recognised beacon in the tech world. Don’t waste time re-inventing the wheel. Let us work with you to market the service to your clients and win more business, more often.


A watched pot never boils. We’ll let you know if and when there’s a red hot issue to attend to. Probax monitoring includes the unique Scout software to identify and fix major issues without you having to lift a finger. That’s fewer checkups to save your team time.

More Value as You Grow

Our partnership plans let you scale your plan as your storage needs grow. Enjoy discounts of 35-55% on storage under our Bronze – Platinum plans.

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