Building Your Own Appliance/Vault/Management Console

The same installation media is used regardless of what type of Replibit endpoint you're building. Always use the latest ISO available from Once the license agreement is agreed to, and the appliance passwords are set, the installation process will ask which type of Replibit endpoint you're building: Appliance, Vault, or Management Portal. You MUST be an established eFolder reseller to proceed beyond that point, as the appliance will phone home to pull your licensing details.

eFolder's documentation will always have the latest recommendations, but here are some general rules for someone considering Replibit:

Appliance and Vault Hardware Recommendations

Typically, Appliances should be built using high-end Workstation or low-end Server equipment depending on the target environment. Vaults should be constructed on low to mid-range server equipment for performance and reliability.

Replibit uses ZFS, and hardware RAID is not recommended. If the appliance you're building has a RAID card, all drives should be configured as JBOD or single drive RAID 0 arrays in order to be used in Replibit properly. Replibit does support iSCSI targets for backup storage.

Drives must added in the same quantity that the storage pool was created with. If it was created with 2 drives, they must be added in pairs. If started with 4, they must be added 4 drives. It is not recommended for any single drive pool to exceed 10 total drives.

eFolder requires Appliance hardware be on the Ubuntu 12.04 LTS compatibility list"

A BDR covering 1 - 5 Protected machines should have a minimum of:

  • 8GB RAM
  • 4 CPU Cores
  • For each 5 servers, add 2GB RAM and 1 CPU Core
  • Please note these are minimums, and real-world usage should be considered (e.g. a 6 core 32 GB server running in emergency virtual failover obviously won't feel the same when the BDR only has 8GB and 4 Cores).

Appliance and Vault VM Recommendations

eFolder only supports running Replibit as a virtual machine on ESXi platforms, and nested virtualization support is required to leverage the test boot or emergency VM failover features. eFolder recommends scheduling some time with their support team before deploying Replibit as a virtual machine.

It is possible to run Replibit on other KVM-based hypervisors, but it is not supported.

Management Console Recommendations

The management console requires very little system resources. 4GB of RAM and 100GB for OS storage is all that's required. If running the Management console virtually, thin provisioning is fine.

Public IPs

All Management Consoles and Vaults should have public IP/FQDN configuration to function properly.

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