As of 10/28/2017

Replibit offers different licensing models that can be mixed and matched at the appliance level. Appliances that are licensed via the Storage Based Subscriptions do not count towards the overall storage pool used for Endpoint Based Subscriptions. There is no licensing required to run a Vault or a Management Console.

Each protected endpoint has a fixed monthly cost, with the only variable being whether you're replicating the unit or keeping its backup locally. The storage amounts included are "free" with the replication license, and a replication license is required even if the data is being replicated to a self-hosted vault. In short, cloud hosting with eFolder is free until overage costs are incurred.

* Protected Server - $60 +2TB of cloud storage, $30 local only

* Protected Desktop - $15 +200GB of cloud backup, $5 local only

Total storage is pooled across all licenses for a given MSP. For example, two servers with cloud storage licensing at two different clients yields 4TB of total usage. If server 1 has 3TB of backup usage and server 2 has 500gb of backup usage, the total overall usage is only 3.5TB and thus no overage cost is incurred. Even though server 1 is using more than its 2TB, it does not exceed the overall pool amount of 4TB.

This option is only available when you've purchased your appliance from eFolder.

Unlimited Cloud Retention is available in 2 flavors - 3 year and 10 year. The monthly pricing of this option depends on which model of appliance you have. eFolder essentially manages your retention for you, utilizing the following schedule:

3 year - Includes all snaps for 3 days, daily snaps for 1 month, weekly snaps for 2 months, monthly snaps for 1 year, yearly snaps for up to 3 years

10 year - Includes all snaps for 7 days, daily snaps for 2 months, weekly snaps for 4 months, monthly snaps for 3 years, yearly snaps for 10 years

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