SEO is one of the best ways for mid market MSPs to scale their inbound marketing. SEO can drive significant volume to your MSP and climbing the rankings, even for a few keywords with lead generation optimized content is a fantastic way to grow.

One of the most critical things to understand about SEO is that age of a page and age of a domain are significant ranking factors! Search engines often gatekeep a website from search rankings for a period of time until trust is established and the best way to power through that period is to start with appropriate SEO on your MSP's website out the gate. Effective SEO is reliant on effective positioning. Think carefully about your MSPs positioning in the market. I have had the most success with MSPs that have local targeting because local markets are typically much less competitive in an SEO sense. I recommend MSPs start out with local targeting of their website to start in order to maximize potential for lead generation and not to inhibit growth by being too agreesive. You can certainly serve clients outside your local market, but your lead generation engine being tareted locally is a good idea. I've helped MSPs grow to multiple million in revenue using local targeting, so you can get to a great point in your MSPs journey by not overcomplicating things.

I recommend optimizing your site by creating locally targeted pages for home page, about page, contact page, and a locally targeted page for each service your MSP provides. For instance, computer support, network support, server support, cloud support, etc. A lot of MSPs will just have a single services page. Don't do this!

If you set up your MSP websites with good targeting, it will take about a year for your site to get out of the gatekeeping phase, but after that your site should start to raise in trust and rankings, at which point you should start driving some local search traffic.

More information available in this guide I put together on SEO for MSP's

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