Office 365 Admin Utility

The O365 Admin Center is an application written mainly in PowerShell that lets administrators easily and quickly manage their Office 365 environment. It allows partner accounts to connect to all of their tenants and manage every aspect of their environment as well. Results are shown within the program where you can print the results or even save them in different formats such as CSV, DOC and TXT.

Administrators can type in their own custom commands are then passed through to PowerShell and into the session. Results from custom commands displayed within the program as well. O365 Admin Center also displays the exact PowerShell command that runs underneath each item. Administrators can manage Compliance Center, Exchange Online, SharePoint and Skype for Business.


You can find out more information about this amazing program by going to


Top Tip

If you download the .MSI version, it will actually install the program to your PC and place a link on your desktop / start menu. Makes it easier to find. Otherwise the .exe works nicely as a standalone app!


Credit goes to /u/bwya77 for this awesome tool.

aschmitt, 2022/03/04 19:59

This is a Dead Project. Looks like he started selling it to help cover costs of hosting the website for it, and some developmentā€¦ But the Website is no longer up, and I didn't see any more activity from that user on Reddit.

aschmitt, 2021/03/14 16:26

Links seem to be broken - Does anyone have an updated link to share?

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