Use One Office365 Account for Multiple Boards

So you want to have a bunch of service boards in ConnectWise, each with their own ticketing email address, but you don't want to pay fivebux for each one? Well, here you go.

1. In your domain's Office 365 Admin portal, create shared mailboxes, one for each incoming ticket you want to receive. 2. You've probably already made a cwadmin@ user for other O365-CW stuff, so go ahead and made cwadmin a member of the shared mailboxes you just made. 3. In ConnectWise, go to Setup Tables > IMAP Setup Tables and add new IMAP setup entries, one for each of the mailboxes you made earlier

The special bit is the username. That's backslash, then use cwadmin's password. Rinse and repeat for each mailbox you made, replacing "support" with the mailbox you want to set up.

That's it!

Extra Bonus: Add your own email account as a member of those shared mailboxes and they'll show up in your Outlook. Then you can drag and drop emails from clients (the ones they send you even after you told them to email support@) right into the support Inbox to have it picked up by CW.

NOTE: Connectwise say that they do not support this, and will refuse to configure it on the cloud based version.

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