Group Computers by Client Version

Seeing a huge list of all your PCs is sometimes not helpful, luckily, LabTech fills out the Organization property (CustomProperty1) for you when it installs the client. You can get ScreenConnect to group the computers on this property by creating a Session Group.

  1. Log in to your ScreenConnect web interface
  2. Click on Access, then Manage Session Hosts on the bottom.
  3. Since ScreenConnect automatically expands the first group, I like to leave All Machines as is. Create a new group by clicking on the down+right arrow and call it something like "Clients"
  4. Leave Session Filter blank and enter "CustomProperty1" (without quotes) into Subgroup Expressions
  5. Click "Save Session Groups"
  6. Watch as your PCs are grouped by client automatically
  1. You can use this to see out of date clients, or more realistically, clients that haven't checked in in a while.
  2. Same as above: Make a new group, name it "Guest Client Version" and use "GuestClientVersion" as the Subgroup Expression
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