• Remote control software.
  • Uses ID / Password pair by default.
  • Option to join machine to an account.
  • Option to specify machine password.
  • Option to require / allow for windows authentication prior to connection.
  • Ability to transfer files (both drag+drop and file explorer)
  • Ability to record screen session
  • Ability to chat
  • Ability to Voice / Video chat
  • Can be installed in remote unattended access mode (Host mode)
  • Can be run as single session (Quick Support mode)
  • Licensed per concurrent connection
  • Backwards compatible from remote viewer side only. (Does not allow for older version to view newer sessions)
  • Option for Meeting / Conference mode (similar to gotomeeting)
  • Supports 2 factor Authentication


  • N-able N-central (Secondary)
  • NinjaRMM (Primary)
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