Addigy (Mac RMM)

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OpenDNS Roaming Client Deployment

Objective: Install the ODNS roaming client on a Mac computer via Addigy

PreReq: Download and ODNS Umbrella installer and plist file from your console for the customer site

Steps: Login to Addigy and go to Navigation > Policies > Site > Policy Catalog > Custom Software > Add Software Name the custom software package and set the version number (ODNS Umbrella Roaming Client Version, i.e ODNS 2.0.27)

1 - Add an instruction at the end of the installation to create a file under '/Library/Application Support/OpenDNS Roaming Client/addigy2.0.27.footprint' to signal that this edited version of the custom software has been installed. 2 - Add Conditions to check that both OrgInfo.plist and addigy2.0.27.footprint files exist. This instruction will exit with a non zero status if one of the files does not exist. 3 - Turn off "Install On Success" because we want to install the software on a Condition failure (non zero status). 4 - Set "When skipped report as": Finished (success) since skipping it would mean that the software is already successfully installed.

Upload the installer and the plist file from ODNS using the "files section" at the bottom of the page Review and apply changes

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