Continuum offers an RMM with optional integrated NOC and Helpdesk.

Patching: Microsoft Windows Updates 3rd Party Updates (Java, Reader, Flash, etc) Hardware driver updates (optional, not recommended)

Patches that fail to install or machines that are out of date will generate a ticket. You can resolve the issue yourself or schedule the Continuum NOC to review and resolve patching issues for you.

The alerting and monitoring system automatically adapts as changes are made to the system. For example, if you install SQL on a server, the monitoring agent will recognize the new software and add the appropriate monitoring and alerts automatically. Continuum supports vPro for out of band management and remote system administration.

Another unique feature of Continuum is the NOC tested patching. Their NOC spends two weeks testing every Microsoft patch for issues. On Windows 7 and 8, patches that cause performance or comparability issues are blacklisted. With Windows 10 patching changes, the NOC now provides a report of each patch rollup prior to installation detailing potential issues and resolutions.

Included Software:

  • Webroot Antivirus
  • Malwarebytes Business (no longer part of Continuum offering, Feb-2018)
  • LogMeIn Pro (both tech and optional end user access)

Security: Continuum's agents can be configured to automatically create a user on each computer and server or network wide. These accounts can be configured with automatically rotating passwords that require purpose logging to view.

The Continuum helpdesk staff can be instructed to verify user identity prior to making security related changes if the end user's cell phone numbers are provided.

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