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Welcome to the MSPexchange!

So you want to be an Entrepreneur and start your own MSP. Or you are looking for the missing step to install a plugin for your RMM tool. Heck what does RMM stand for? This wiki is the ultimate resource for MSP's by MSP's. What this means is, it has been created and is maintained by staff in the MSP business. The base goal is to provide a location for knowledge to be shared.

Now how do you use this resource?
  1. Use the search at the top right for fast results. the wildcard character is * Dokuwiki will not do partial searches must be exact or have the wildcard character.
  2. Or if you like browsing. Check the sidebar to the left for a structured view of the pages.

Please add as many of your own documentation, hints and tips.

If you're using Google Chrome, you can copy and paste images straight into the site, making it REALLY easy to create your on pages.

If you have any questions at all, please email admin[at]

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