Add New Page

There are 3 ways to add a new page to the wiki.

  • search for the page name
  • browse to the page name
  • create direct link to page

We will cover them and how to add a correctly placed page to the wiki. This will also cover head pages and what they are.

Adding content to the wiki is very easy. Before running off and creating a new page, search to see if the subject has already been covered. Type in the search bar above and see if any thing shows up. If something did show up then review the page and see if the information is already there.

After following the guide line above the fastest way to create a page is to search for it.

search: page that im trying to find 
result: page_that_im_trying_to_find

If the page doesn't exist yet this will give you the option to create a new page at the right side of the wiki. Now the new page isn't sorted. Think a huge stack of papers thrown on the floor. Wiki's can search this and find stuff no problem but if we wanted to provide some structure and add folders we will want to use the following instead.


Dokuwiki sorts pages using namespaces(folders). In this example I know that vmware is managed by the Network team so I entered in the search box OR url address:


This tells the wiki to place the new page under the networking tree. The next part of the command is the page its self. So in this example our search would be:


The Link option is slightly different in syntax. We place brackets around our directory tree to get the page placed in the correct location.


This link will appear as red text to alert us that the page has not yet been created. Once someone edits the linked page the link color will change to green. So referring back to our example the following line would create the vmware wiki page using a link.


The bottom line is to just add content to the wiki. Then ask someone to fix the formatting.

If you have any questions please post on and choose the #documentation channel.

Due to the nature of dokuwiki and also how our indexmenu's are generated we need a head page. A head page is the page you reach when you are trying to reach a namespace page (folder).

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