A DokuWiki page is divided into four parts. At the top is the page header, followed by navigational breadcrumbs, the page content, and the footer. As you progress through this training please take the time to actually go and click/see what is being described or explained.

Located at the top of the page is the header. On the right side are frequently used links and a search field. The Header displays the following:

  • Search box
  • An Admin Gear cog link if your account is a member of the admin group.
  • User Tools Displays various tools available to you. these will be covered in their own page.
    • Recent Changes – shows a list of pages in the wiki that were changed recently.
    • Media Manager – opens a page which allows the user to upload non-text content such as images, audio, video, and other documents. See Fullscreen Media Manager.
    • Sitemap – shows an index of all of the pages and namespaces(folders) in the wiki.

  • Profile which takes you to a page to change settings such as your real name, email address, and password.
    • Logout to log out of the wiki is found under the profile.

Next is the search field. Entering text in this field and either pressing Enter or clicking the magnifying glass will perform a full-text search over the entire content of the wiki. This will be covered later or see Search for more information.

The next section starts with the word "Trace" after which is shown a list of recently visited pages. This functions similarly to the history function in most web browsers, picture Hansel and Gretel from the fairy tale. Clicking on any of the breadcrumb links will take you to that page. Breadcrumbs display a list of pages you just visited in a wiki. They will log the last 10 pages that one visited for quick return if needed.

The largest area of the page is devoted to the page content. This is where your wiki markup code is rendered and displayed as functional documents.

To the right of the page content there are the page tools1) that you need to edit and manage the page. Initially displayed as images, by moving the mouse pointer over them they will expose written labels about their functions. You should see:

image / symbol label function/ note
pencil / page / paperclip / magnifying glass Edit this page / Show page / Edit draft / Show pagesource depending on mode and rights: open the page editor in order to make changes to the page OR return to viewing the page (without changes) OR editing non saved changes DokuWiki has detected OR just view the page's source wikitext (not to be confused with the HTML source that is produced from wikitext plus DokuWiki's "frame" around it))
clock Old revisions shows the list of changes made to a page
chain link Backlinks shows a list of backlinks to the current page.
Page icon PDF Export Exports the current document to a pdf in current window.
upward arrow Back to top scrolls the page to the top

The footer is located below the page content window. It shows the date and time that it was last edited, and by whom it was edited. Further it provides information on the filename of the page.

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sometimes referred to in one word as "pagetools"
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