Installed Plugins

These are the plugins we have installed on this DokuWiki instance to make our doc creating and editing easier.

    1. Easily download nicely formatted versions of these KB articles from the wrench/spanner menu in the top right
    1. Put <kbd> and </kbd> around your text (or select your text and click the Keyboard icon in the toolbar" to turn CTRL + ALT + DEL into CTRL + ALT + DEL
    1. When editing a document, you can CTRL + V to upload and insert an image from your clipboard. Perfect for attaching steps from the Snipping Tools
    1. Look at the above link for a series of possible syntax that will allow you to add additional markup options to your posts
    1. Allows discussions to be held on pages like this on. Simply add the following to your pages
    2.  ~~DISCUSSION~~ 
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